DIY Dollar Tree Easter Baskets

DIY Dollar Tree Easter Baskets | Gifts For The Whole Family!

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So, tomorrow is Easter! What a fun holiday! All the pretty pastel and spring colors, decorating eggs, eggs hunts, and of course the Easter baskets!

Today, I wanted to give you some last minute basket ideas (that won’t break the bank) and will delight the whole family!

I just love the Dollar Tree. You can find some awesome stuff for only a buck! They also have lots of options and choices, so you can really personalize each family members basket and fill it with goodies that you know they will love!

Let’s get started with our littlest family member’s Easter basket. πŸ™‚

Now, before I begin, I have to mention that my son is a newborn. I know what you’re thinking, “You made a gift basket for a newborn? He’s not even going to remember that!” {L.O.L} And up until last week I thought the same thing. Until I came across this awesome Pinterest post where this one momma created a gift basket for her smallest one and filled it with more practical items, like bath toys, diapers, wipes, things of that nature, that she knew she would end up using. Genius, right?! That way you can include the WHOLE family!

For my son’s basket I decided to go with a “bath-time” theme. It’s adorable and I can fill his basket with practical items that we will actually need and use.

I found this super cute basket at Dollar Tree with little fishes and sea critters. How cute is that?!

dollar tree, diy, easter basket, fIshes, sea critter, newborn

I went ahead and filled it with some of this white grass, gift filler stuff. I don’t know what you call it. {L.O.L.}


Next I filled it with some cute board books.

dollar tree, diy, easter basket, fishes, sea critter, newborn, board books, sesame street, sesame beginnings, bath time

Then I threw in a hooded towel, a pack of baby wash cloths, a bath time set with soap & lotion, and some bath toys.


Next, I threw in these adorable anchor booties. I’m just dying over how frikin’ cute these are with the “bath-time” theme! Obsessed!

baby booties, anchor booties

Once I throw that all together, I sealed it all up with some gift basket shrink wrap and top it off with a pull bow and then you’re all done! πŸ™‚

shrink wrap, pull bow, dollar tree, diy, easter basket

On to my daughters basket.

She is a toddler, so she is starting to get kind of picky with which toys she will and will not play with. {L.O.L.} So, instead of going nuts with all the cute little Easter toys that I think are so stinkin’ cute, but would end up in the garbage because she has absolutely no interest in them, I decided to get a few toys that I know for a fact she will love. πŸ™‚

I picked her up this pretty pastel purple basket, then filled it with some bright pink filler grass.


Dollar Tree has some pretty awesome brand name toys. Like this little Minnie Mouse bubble set and these Disney princess tops. My daughter LOVES tops! She’s so old school. {L.O.L.} I also love how pink and girly all of the packaging is and how it goes with her cute little basket!


Then I picker her up this PlayDough, or rather the Dollar Tree brand “Dough”. I got this because Ms. Cookie Swirl C (yes, I watch her videos and I thoroughly enjoy them {L.O.L.}) actually showed this in one of her Dollar Tree hauls and the little tools it comes with are actually pretty cool! My daughter loves PlayDough, I mean what kid doesn’t, so I knew she’d definitely have fun playing with this set.

play dough, dough, dollar tree, diy, easter basket, easter basket goodies

Next, I picked her up this egg shaped chalk, because 1. its super festive and adorable and 2. I think the shape is perfect for little toddler hands to grasp. Win-win!

chalk, egg, easter basket goodies, diy, dollar tree

Then of course, the Easter eggs. It wouldn’t be Easter without candy filled Easter eggs! I grabbed this pack of eggs that I thought would look in both my daughter and my husband’s basket. No… no candy for the newborn this year. {L.O.L.}

easter, easter eggs, easter basket, diy, dollar tree, easter basket goodies

I filled the eggs with a few candies (not to many, I don’t want to deal with a psycho child later {L.O.L.}) that she loves and are real easy for her to chew up. She loves those little mini Reese’s cups!

easter, easter egg, easter basket, easter basket goodies, dollar tree, diy, reese's peanut butter cups, mini

To finish it off I wrapped it up in this festive gift wrapping bag which of course, matches so well with the basket. {L.O.L.}

dollar tree, diy, easter, easter basket, gift wrap

Now onto my dear husband’s basket.

He’s a man, so Easter baskets and things more on the eh, shall I say “girly” side, don’t really interest him. {L.O.L} So, I did my very best to make his basket as cool as possible.

I started with a basket in is favorite color, blue.

dollar tree, diy, easter, easter basket

I threw in some boring ol’ green filler grass, nothing to fancy {L.O.L} and added some of his favorite candies. You can’t go wrong with getting someone there favorite candy.

starbust, gummy krabby patties candy, dollar tree, easter basket, diy

Now this is where his basket gets so cool and where I practically flipped out at Dollar Tree when I seen these!

Dollar Tree carries these Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man blind bags! My husband, LOVES,Β LOVES,Β LOVES Dragon Ball Z!!! He is a HUGE fan! He also likes One Punch Man and just anime in general, so you can see why I was so excited to find these!

It made his basket feel so personal and handpicked!

dragon ball z, one punch man, bling bags, dollar tree, diy, easter, easter basket, easter basket goodies


Then I shrink wrapped his basket, topped it off with a pull bow, and wha-la! Completed!

easter, easter baskets, diy, dollar tree, easter basket goodies

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post with tips on how you can throw together Easter baskets for your whole family with out having to spend a whole lot of money.

Please feel free to share this post and let me know if you decided to check out Dollar Tree to create your Easter baskets this year!

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Thank you so much again for stopping by and have a HAPPY EASTER!

Bye friends!

Robin ❀