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22 Days Nutrition A.K.A “The BeyoncΓ© Diet” | Using The Meal Planner

Hey everyone!

I’m back! I know…it’s been awhile. Today I am officially 5 weeks postpartum. Woo hoo! I still have a bit more recovering to do, but overall I’m feeling pretty good. πŸ™‚

Today, I wanted to share with you something I decided to try again (for the millionth time, L.O.L.). I am going back to a plant-based diet. I say for the “millionth time” because I have attempted to do this several times and just kept falling off the wagon.

I was recently browsing around on BeyoncΓ©’s Instagram (yes, I’m a fan) and noticed her post announcing that she was going vegan before her performances for Coachella and invited her fans to do so also. She dropped a link in her bio that lead me to the 22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner.

I was very intrigued. The Meal Planner membership claimed to offer 1-on-1 support from food coaches, new recipes that are added daily, a meal plan that works with your lifestyle, nutritional info on each recipe, and in some areas, even grocery delivery.

I thought to myself, “This is an answer to my prayers! Maybe I just need a little more support and guidance to help me stick with my commitment to switch over to a plant-based diet.” So, I happily proceeded with the sign up process. After answering all the preliminary questions about my lifestyle, I was brought to the checkout page….

I’m not gonna lie, I initially hesitated when I saw the price tag. The membership was $99 for a year’s worth of 1-on-1 support and daily recipes, which ultimately breaks down to $1.90 a week. Granted, I had a 20% off coupon so my yearly membership would come out to about $79, but I still, I hesitated.

I figured, “Ah, I’ll just go back on Pinterest, look for recipes and try this whole vegan thing again on my own. I just need more will power. Ya, I’ll do that! Save my money!” But then I paused and reflected. I had already done that several times and that method wasn’t working for me. And then I thought, “Why? Why in my mind am I not worth spending $79 to help me achieve optimal health and reach my health goals? I know for a fact that our family is spending AT LEAST $79 on fast food or crap that we don’t need, so why won’t I invest this much into something far more valuable, MYSELF?”

Isn’t it strange how we as humans do that to ourselves? We sell ourselves short, think we aren’t good enough, worthy enough to care for our own well-being that we hesitate to spend $79 (that we were gonna spend anyways) on something that could completely transform us.

Well I’m DONE. I’m done with not being the best I KNOW I can be. It’s time for me to start investing more into ME.

I think the birth of my second child has really opened up my eyes as to how much I have neglected and mistreated myself, which I think is a common thing for mom’s to experience, but it shouldn’t be.

So, I’m taking the first step and if you are reading this and going through something similar, then I hope you will take that step with me as well. I truly believe changing the way you eat can have a huge impact on your life, because when you eat well, you feel well, and when you feel well, you do well.

Alright, now that we got all that sappy, emotional stuff out the way, {L.O.L} let me show you some awesome features of the 22 Day Revolution Meal Planner!

Let’s check out the home page you’ll be brought to right when you log in.

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

As you can see, they have this weeks recipes laid out. For each day of the week you are given recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Within each of those categories you are given 3 different recipes to choice from and with varying levels of difficulty that each recipe requires. For me, I always choose the recipes that are categorized as “super easy” and that are less time consuming to prepare. As a mom, I don’t have time to be all day in the kitchen, so “super easy” is a no brainer choice for me.

If you click the “ADD+” button, you can add the recipe(s) to any menu you’d like. You are given two pre-made menus when you first sign up, “Favorites” and “My First Menu”. I’m going to add this recipe to my own menu I created, “To Try”.

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

From there, the Meal Planner automatically creates a convenient grocery list you can take along with to help you prepare for your next shopping trip. You can easily print or email the list to take with you on the go and if you are in certain select areas, you can even have your groceries delivered right to your door.

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

One of the most helpful features of the Meal Planner is the support you receive from the coaches. Check out the little chat icon in the bottom, right-hand corner. You can reach out to food coaches there for help. They normally reply pretty quickly, but if they are away at the moment, they usually reply within 24 hours.

I asked one of the food coaches yesterday if these recipes where diabetic friendly. She linked me to a very informative article about the topic. I really enjoy this feature of the Meal Planner!

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

Another great feature of the Meal Planner is the “My Preferences” panel. Click on the 3 vertical lines in the top, right-hand corner. Click on the “My Preferences” tap. From there you can customize and change your options based on your household size, your cooking skills, allergies, and what kitchen equipment you have. You can even try out the meal plan that Miss. B herself is using! To access her meal plan click on “Meal Plan Type” within the “My Preferences” tab. Click “The 22 Day Revolution” and then click “Save”.

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner


22 Days Revolution Meal Planner


Last but not least, one of my favorite parts of the Meal Planner….the referral program! When you sign up you are given a unique promo code which you can share with your friends and family for $30 off their yearly membership. In addition, you get $30 credited to your account! How cool is that!

To find your personalized promo code, click the 3 vertical lines in the top, right-hand corner. Click the “Get $30” tap. From there you can copy or email your promo code to all your homies! πŸ™‚

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

22 Days Revolution Meal Planner

Now, I suppose I could share my promo code with you so you can go ahead and get $30 off your membership *wink, wink* {L.O.L.} πŸ˜‰ Sharing is caring, right? And hey! Lucky you, you only have to pay $69! You get it cheaper than me! What’s up with that?! {L.O.L.}

Go ahead and take advantage of the savings by using my promo code: TTD30ROBIN7171


If you are curious about my journey on the 22 Days Revolution along with the help of the Meal Planner and would like to be updated on my progress, sign up below to receive emails notifications to be the first to know when I post!

I will be doing a 1 week update on Sunday and sharing my progress thus far. If you want to keep up on the more day to day of my experience with the 22 Day Revolution, follow me on social media! Links are down below!

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you found this post helpful and informative. If you decided to sign up for the Meal Planner drop a comment down below so we can be vegan buddies and help each other out! {L.O.L.}

If you have any questions about the Meal Planner or about a plant-based diet in general feel free to ask in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to follow 22 Days Nutrition on social media @22daysnutrition!

Thanks again! Until next time..

Robin ❀





DIY Dollar Tree Easter Baskets

DIY Dollar Tree Easter Baskets | Gifts For The Whole Family!

Welcome back readers! Thanks for stopping by again! I hope you are having a wonderful week. πŸ™‚

So, tomorrow is Easter! What a fun holiday! All the pretty pastel and spring colors, decorating eggs, eggs hunts, and of course the Easter baskets!

Today, I wanted to give you some last minute basket ideas (that won’t break the bank) and will delight the whole family!

I just love the Dollar Tree. You can find some awesome stuff for only a buck! They also have lots of options and choices, so you can really personalize each family members basket and fill it with goodies that you know they will love!

Let’s get started with our littlest family member’s Easter basket. πŸ™‚

Now, before I begin, I have to mention that my son is a newborn. I know what you’re thinking, “You made a gift basket for a newborn? He’s not even going to remember that!” {L.O.L} And up until last week I thought the same thing. Until I came across this awesome Pinterest post where this one momma created a gift basket for her smallest one and filled it with more practical items, like bath toys, diapers, wipes, things of that nature, that she knew she would end up using. Genius, right?! That way you can include the WHOLE family!

For my son’s basket I decided to go with a “bath-time” theme. It’s adorable and I can fill his basket with practical items that we will actually need and use.

I found this super cute basket at Dollar Tree with little fishes and sea critters. How cute is that?!

dollar tree, diy, easter basket, fIshes, sea critter, newborn

I went ahead and filled it with some of this white grass, gift filler stuff. I don’t know what you call it. {L.O.L.}


Next I filled it with some cute board books.

dollar tree, diy, easter basket, fishes, sea critter, newborn, board books, sesame street, sesame beginnings, bath time

Then I threw in a hooded towel, a pack of baby wash cloths, a bath time set with soap & lotion, and some bath toys.


Next, I threw in these adorable anchor booties. I’m just dying over how frikin’ cute these are with the “bath-time” theme! Obsessed!

baby booties, anchor booties

Once I throw that all together, I sealed it all up with some gift basket shrink wrap and top it off with a pull bow and then you’re all done! πŸ™‚

shrink wrap, pull bow, dollar tree, diy, easter basket

On to my daughters basket.

She is a toddler, so she is starting to get kind of picky with which toys she will and will not play with. {L.O.L.} So, instead of going nuts with all the cute little Easter toys that I think are so stinkin’ cute, but would end up in the garbage because she has absolutely no interest in them, I decided to get a few toys that I know for a fact she will love. πŸ™‚

I picked her up this pretty pastel purple basket, then filled it with some bright pink filler grass.


Dollar Tree has some pretty awesome brand name toys. Like this little Minnie Mouse bubble set and these Disney princess tops. My daughter LOVES tops! She’s so old school. {L.O.L.} I also love how pink and girly all of the packaging is and how it goes with her cute little basket!


Then I picker her up this PlayDough, or rather the Dollar Tree brand “Dough”. I got this because Ms. Cookie Swirl C (yes, I watch her videos and I thoroughly enjoy them {L.O.L.}) actually showed this in one of her Dollar Tree hauls and the little tools it comes with are actually pretty cool! My daughter loves PlayDough, I mean what kid doesn’t, so I knew she’d definitely have fun playing with this set.

play dough, dough, dollar tree, diy, easter basket, easter basket goodies

Next, I picked her up this egg shaped chalk, because 1. its super festive and adorable and 2. I think the shape is perfect for little toddler hands to grasp. Win-win!

chalk, egg, easter basket goodies, diy, dollar tree

Then of course, the Easter eggs. It wouldn’t be Easter without candy filled Easter eggs! I grabbed this pack of eggs that I thought would look in both my daughter and my husband’s basket. No… no candy for the newborn this year. {L.O.L.}

easter, easter eggs, easter basket, diy, dollar tree, easter basket goodies

I filled the eggs with a few candies (not to many, I don’t want to deal with a psycho child later {L.O.L.}) that she loves and are real easy for her to chew up. She loves those little mini Reese’s cups!

easter, easter egg, easter basket, easter basket goodies, dollar tree, diy, reese's peanut butter cups, mini

To finish it off I wrapped it up in this festive gift wrapping bag which of course, matches so well with the basket. {L.O.L.}

dollar tree, diy, easter, easter basket, gift wrap

Now onto my dear husband’s basket.

He’s a man, so Easter baskets and things more on the eh, shall I say “girly” side, don’t really interest him. {L.O.L} So, I did my very best to make his basket as cool as possible.

I started with a basket in is favorite color, blue.

dollar tree, diy, easter, easter basket

I threw in some boring ol’ green filler grass, nothing to fancy {L.O.L} and added some of his favorite candies. You can’t go wrong with getting someone there favorite candy.

starbust, gummy krabby patties candy, dollar tree, easter basket, diy

Now this is where his basket gets so cool and where I practically flipped out at Dollar Tree when I seen these!

Dollar Tree carries these Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man blind bags! My husband, LOVES,Β LOVES,Β LOVES Dragon Ball Z!!! He is a HUGE fan! He also likes One Punch Man and just anime in general, so you can see why I was so excited to find these!

It made his basket feel so personal and handpicked!

dragon ball z, one punch man, bling bags, dollar tree, diy, easter, easter basket, easter basket goodies


Then I shrink wrapped his basket, topped it off with a pull bow, and wha-la! Completed!

easter, easter baskets, diy, dollar tree, easter basket goodies

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post with tips on how you can throw together Easter baskets for your whole family with out having to spend a whole lot of money.

Please feel free to share this post and let me know if you decided to check out Dollar Tree to create your Easter baskets this year!

Also, be sure to follow me on Social Media to be the first to know when I post! Links down below.

Thank you so much again for stopping by and have a HAPPY EASTER!

Bye friends!

Robin ❀



Hospital Bag

What’s In MY Hospital Bag!? | + Extra Goodies I’m Bringing Along!

Hello Readers!

It’s Robin again. πŸ™‚ Welcome back to my blog! Thank you so much for stopping by!

In my last blog post I shared what was in my BABY’S hospital bag. You can check out that post here! This time I’m going to share what’s in MY hospital Bag! It’s probably not as cute or as fun as what’s in the baby’s bag, {L.O.L.} but it’s just as important!

This is my second time around, so I have a better idea of what I need this time. I’m certainly no pro, but I got a lil’ experience under my belt! {L.O.L.}

First, before I get right into it, I found out last week at my doctor’s appointment that I need to have a C-Section. I had some complications come up right at the very end of my pregnancy that has made it necessary for me to have a planned C-Section here in the next couple of days. I’m still processing all of this, so I’m not exactly sure how I feel. Of course, I am eternally grateful that we even have advanced medical procedures like this in our day and age! But I’m still super nervous, because it is a full blown abdominal surgery. Either way as long as baby is happy and healthy, I’m happy. πŸ™‚ Oh! By the way! Remember in my last post when I mentioned how my doctor’s office carelessly spilled the beans on what the gender of my baby is, when I did NOT want to know!? They apologized at my last appointment. Not sure how sincere it was, but hey, I got some kind of apology. {L.O.L.}

Alright, onto today’s topic. MY hospital bag. Let’s start with the clothes:

I have packed this very comfortable robe I purchased from Walmart for around $10! And yes, I also picked up matching pink slippers…I can’t help my self guys! I feel like it’s such a “pre-teen” thing to do, but I just love matchy-matchy stuff! I’m a sucker for it. {L.O.L.}

women's and women's plus light weight waffle sleep robe

Next, I have 3 sleep shirts/nightgowns, which I’ve heard from other mom’s, is really the only thing comfortable enough to wear after a C-Section that doesn’t chaff up against the incision area. I purchased these at Walmart for around $6 each. They are super comfortable and a perfect length. How cute is the one that says, “Instaham”. {L.O.L.} I just thought that was so stinkin’ funny!

Secret Treasures Essentials Women's and Women's Plus Sleep Shirt

Secret Treasures Essentials Women's and Women's Plus Sleep Shirt "Instaham"

I have 2 nursing bras. I can’t really give my full opinion on these bras quite yet, because I haven’t actually used them while nursing, but so far they are pretty comfortable and seem to keep everything in.

nurture by lamaze maternity nursing sleep bra, 2-pack value grey and black

Oh granny panties…a necessary evil of postpartum. But hey, who said they had to be all drab, ugly and boring! Yes, there’s a good chance that these will be ruined beyond all recognition in the days after birth, but for $7 for some cute prints on your undies that might make you feel a tab less “blah”, I think is well worth the investment. {L.O.L} I mean, you gotta admit… those granny panties are kinda cute!

granny panties, cute prints

Then I have my “going-home-outfit”. A pair of really comfortable joggers, a tank, and a long sleeve. I picked up these items on clearance at Rue21 awhile ago, so unfortunately I can’t provide any links for these specific items, but definitely check out their website! They’re always having tons of sales and have awesome deals on their clearance items.

"going-home-outfit", joggers, tank top, long sleeve sweatshirt, rue 21

Next thing I have packed is this 3-piece postpartum belt. I have heard for C-Section recovery that this is a MUST! I used a waist trainer shortly after I had my first daughter, which was a vaginal delivery, and I found it very useful, so I’m sure I will like this as well, but I will do a full review on this particular one once I use it.

miss moly 3 in 1 postpartum support recovery belly wrap waist


On to the toiletries.

I picked up these travel size bottles from Dollar Tree to fill with my own products I have here at home. I’m just really not a fan of those “travel-size” products, because 1. the products they carry in travel size usually aren’t my favorite and 2. I only end up using some of it, then I feel bad to just throw it away, but because it’s not stuff I normally use, I just end up having all this “travel-size” crap shoved up under my bathroom sink that will gather dust and never be used again…..rant over. {L.O.L.} So this way if I still have product left over I know for a fact that it’ll get used up and I won’t have a mountain of travel-sized thingies along with all those frikin’ hotel shampoo & conditioners that you swear “you’ll use some day”. {L.O.L.}

The only exception to my “travel-size” rule is I WILL pick up some mouth wash and toothpaste, because I’m not gonna take my huge container of mouthwash & toothpaste. I actually use these brands and I know it will get used up back at home.

Along with that I also have my deodorant packed. NOT travel-sized. {L.O.L.} πŸ˜‰

travel-size scope crest mouth wash crest 3d white toothpaste suave 24 hour protection invisible solid

I have packed 2 loofahs, a toothbrush holder, (I had one for my husband as well, but it has literally vanished into thin air. I’m thinking my 2 year old ran off with it and stuck it somewhere that I will probably find 3 months later {L.O.L.}) brush & hair ties, and a cute little emoji bag (to store toiletries) that I grabbed when I was at Dollar Tree.

I have packed some stretch mark cream by Palmer’s, because mama has got to get working on reducing some of these stretch marks! {L.O.L.} I can do a full review on this product if you are interested. Maybe I could do like a “before & after” type thing. See how my stretch marks look after using 1 bottle and share my results with you…Things to think about.

palmer's cocoa butter formula strech marks massage lotion collogen elastin argan oil shea butter body lotion

Then I have packed some snacks for my husband, some hand sanitizer that I’m gonna clip on the baby’s diaper bag, extra charger and charging base, and a folder. Highly recommend you bring a folder! You get so much paper work when you are discharged and its nice to be able to keep everything neatly together.

And then of course these. Gotta make sure you have some maxi-pads. I’m not sure if my hospital is providing them for me, but I’m packing them. I’m also packing….yes….diapers. {L.O.L.} With my daughter, I was WAY more comfortable in these rather than being in underwear with a pad. All I had to do was put a pad within the diaper, change it out and if anything split over into the diaper, I just threw it out and got a new one! No underwear ruined! But because I’m having a C-Section this time I’m bring both the underwear and the diapers. Not sure which one I will be more comfortable in. I’ve heard hospital’s provide these mesh underwear that are pretty comfortable as well, so I’ll see what I like best.

maxi pads with flexi wingsalways discreet underwear diapers

These are some other items I’m throwing in my bag as well. When I picked up these products I was planning on a vaginal birth and knew for a fact I was gonna need this stuff, but now that I’m having a C-Section I’m not sure I will need all of it, but I’m going to take it just in case. I was thinking about doing a post specifically dedicated to postpartum must-haves and recovery tips, either via vaginally or C-Section. Is that something you all would be interested in? Comment below and let me know!

postpartum must-have for recovery dermoplast pain relieving spray burn & itch tucks medicated pads stool softner women's gentle laxative hemorrhoidal cream


**Extra Goodies I’m Bringing Along**

Baby’s car seat, of course. Purchased for $55. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a head support, so I picked up a 2-in-1 head support insert for around $8, which overall, I think was a fair trade considering the price.

I’m also bringing this really cool 2-in-1 car seat carry & cover that comes with an arm support cushion thing and a canopy to cover baby! In addition to that, I’m bringing this super warm, cozy, plush blanket that is SOOO SOFT to keep baby nice and toasty!

evenflo nurture infant car seat diono 2-in-1 infant head support pillow worlds best nursit nursing and support pillow in vinyl carry-tote Parent's Choice Royal Plush Blanket, White, 1 Pack717A83312

Okay, so this nursing pillow. I just gotta rave about this. Well, maybe not too much since I technically haven’t even used it yet {L.O.L.}, but guys…I got this nursing pillow by “Nursit” for $16.15! A fraction of the cost of a Boppy Pillow! It even comes with it’s own vinyl carrying-tote and the thing is completely machine washable! But here’s the catch……its sold out!!! 😦 I promise, I looked up & down Walmart’s website and I can’t even find a link to the product! Usually on the product’s page you can sign up for updates on when it restocks. I did however, find another pillow for about the same price that you can check out here.


Well everyone, I think that is going to end today’s post. I’m all packed up and ready to go! I’m super excited to meet my little one and a little nervous about the C-section, but I know everything will work out fine. Once I see that sweet face, nothing else will matter. ❀


Please let me know if you enjoyed this post or found it helpful and if you decided to try any of the products! Also, let me know if you are interested in some reviews on the postpartum belt, the stretch mark cream, the nursing pillow, etc.

Thanks again for checking out my blog and be sure to follow me on social media so you can be the first to know when I post! Links down below.


-Robin ❀







unisex, gender neutral, baby clothes
Hospital Bag

What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag?! | Gender Neutral Edition

Hello readers!

I’m Robin. Thanks so much for visiting my new website. I’m honored to have you reading my FIRST. BLOG. POST. EVER.

Pretty monumental for me. {L.O.L.}

So, I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and expecting my second little one. With my first child, I found out the gender as soon as I possibly could. You couldn’t have made me wait a second more! {L.O.L.} but this time around I decided I wanted to wait til the birth to find out the sex of baby #2. I figured, “Hey, I got my almost 2-year-old daughter to keep me busy and my mind occupied, I can do this!” and up until a week ago my whole “team green” (or whatever they call it when you aren’t finding out the gender) plan was working out perfectly! Until I unexpectedly found out my baby’s gender and not by my choice may I add! Grrrr! So upsetting….

After bawling my eyes out to my husband about how I wanted to have this magical moment of right when baby pops out he would look at me and say, “It’s a…(insert gender here)!” and kinda seriously, but not really, considering if I could sue my doctor’s office for not even giving a crap that I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW THE GENDER EVEN AFTER I SAID SEVERAL TIMES THAT I DON’T WANT TO KNOW, I was soon overflowed with immense joy to be knowing what our new baby coming into the world would be. It’s kinda hard to stay mad and sad for too long when you just found out what your little bundle is. {L.O.L} Oh pregnancy hormones….

Since all of my preparations and purchases have been made with the intention of keeping things unisex, I figured some of you who are waiting to find out the gender at birth or maybe you just want some suggestions for some super cute baby stuff, could benefit from this post! And please, feel free to share this as well if you know anyone who is looking for some recommendations on gender neutral baby products.

Now that we got all that out of the way, let’s get on to the fun stuff. The real reason your even looking at this post; to see some adorable baby stuff of course!

Let’s start with this awesome diaper bag I got at Walmart for $20! It even comes in all black if you want an even more neutral look, but I thought the grey with green trim was super cute and coordinated well with all my other accessories. Matchy-matchy!{L.O.L.} It also comes with an portable diaper changing pad and 8 pockets, including 1 insulated pocket for bottles and a wipe holder! How cool is that!? For $20, I don’t think you can beat that!

backpack diaper bag, gender neutral, unisex

Now onto the inside of the bag. This may seem like a lot, which it very may well be. Our family just moved across country back closer to home and my mom informed me that the hospitals over here don’t provide all the things that they did at the last hospital I gave birth at. The one I had my daughter at, I didn’t have to pack hardly anything! Basically a going home outfit and a few blankets. They provided diapers, wipes, ointment, the works! So a lot of this is me just over packing in case they don’t provide me with everything.

I have packed these adorable unisex receiving blankets by Gerber in the Safari print, along with 3 coordinatingΒ flannel burp cloths in the Safari print as well.

gerber flannel receiving blankets, unisex, gender neutralGerber flannel receiving blankets, Gerber flannel burp cloths, unisex, gender neutral

Next, I haveΒ 2 zip-up sleepers andΒ 3 assorted onesies, also in the coordinating Safari print. How cute is that! Eeeekkk!

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Unisex Zip Front Sleep N Play, Gender Neutral Zip-Up SleeperGerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Assorted Short Sleeve Onesies, Gender Neutral 3-Pack717A81232

Then I have 3 terry bibs, a matching cap and mitt set in the Safari print. Look how stinkin’ cute the one with the bear ears is!

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Unisex Assorted Terry Bibs, 3-Pack, Gender NeutralGerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Assorted Caps, 3-Pack, Assorted Mittens, 4-Pack

My favorite part of the whole bag…..the “going-home-outift”. This is also by Gerber from their gender neutral line that coordinates with the Safari print. Makes my heart so happy to think I’ll be bringing my little bundle home in this. ❀

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl "Take-Me-Home" Outfit Set, 3-Piece717A80982

I most likely will not need this but I packed a towel and washcloth set just in case. With my daughter they had us give her a bath once we got back to our room. I’m not sure if my new hospital does this, but it can’t hurt to have, right? {L.O.L.}

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Unisex Towel and Washcloth Bath Gift Set, 12-Piece, Gender Neutral

In the big, main pocket I also have a nursing cover. It’s one of those “infinity” covers that you wear like a scarf and you can use it multiple different ways. I will make a future post talking all about it, plus it was only around $10!

LK Baby Infinity Nursing Scarf, Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding, Grey

The last thing I have in the main pocket is this sweet lovey. Now of course, I logically know that my baby will not really be using this, but it was a gift from my mom and my little sister to my first child, so I’m bring it for sentimental reasons. You know how us mommy’s are. {L.O.L.}


In this very top pocket I have pacifier wipes. This is one of those purchases I think a lot of mom’s overlook, but going on my second kid, I can attest that these are actually helpful! I also have A&D ointment; perfect for preventing rashes on little baby bums. Lanolin, to keep chapped nipples away, if you are breastfeeding. Along with that, some gas drops and yes, trust me, you will need these. We used this stuff constantly with my daughter. I also threw in a baggie of baby q-tips. They are much larger than traditional q-tips making it perfect for hygiene care for a newborn. Of course, I added a nose and ear suction that comes with 2 different removable tips (This one is super easy to clean btw! Picked it up at Walgreen’s.) and some little baby nail clippers. (Also from Walgreen’s.) I have one of those full size deluxe grooming kits that come with all the bells and whistles, but from experience, all you really need is the clippers and the sucker thingy during your stay at the hospital.

In the bigger front pocket I have nursing pads, (If you are a first time mom, be sure to pack these! Your boobs will leak.) pacifiers and a pacifier clip, super helpful btw for keeping track of those pesky little binkies that you find 3 months later all dusty under your couch. {L.O.L.}


In the next little front pocket I have alcohol pads. Great for cleaning baby’s delicate umbilical cord area. My last hospital provided these, but I’m not sure if my new one does. Better safe than sorry!

Equate Alcohol Prep Pad, Sterile, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

On the right side pocket I have disposable diaper bags for $1 at Dollar Tree, which I thought was a great deal, considering there are other brands that charge around $3 for a refill of those baggies. I also threw in 4 of the single-serve Enfamil packets. I don’t plan on bottle feeding, but I know with my daughter, even though she breastfeed, the first few days while my milk was coming in, we had to supplement a bit with formula. Always good to have on hand.


On the right hand insulated pocket, I have 2 small bottles. Again, like I said, I plan to breastfeed, but its always nice to have backup. I’m totally loving this insulated pocket thing! With my first diaper bag I did not have this and it was such a pain in the butt to have to remember to freeze ice packs and then you gotta put it in the cooler thing and then you gotta remember to pack it and on and on…..So I’m really appreciating this feature.

Gerber First Essential Bottles, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

Moving to the left pocket we have some newborn diapers. Doesn’t that just make it so real? When you buy that first pack of newborn diapers and you see how tiny they are!? Gosh, I’m so excited! Oh, btw hit up Sam’s Club for a great deal on NB diapers. Got a case of 108 for around $12!

Member’s Mark Comfort Care Baby Diapers, Newborn Up to 10 lbs. (108 ct.), Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

On the the next left hand pocket, we have a wipie (I literally don’t even know how to spell wipies. L.O.L. omg I probably look like an idiot! I’m just gonna say wipe HaHa!) Okay, next we have a WIPE holder. {L.O.L.} I always seen these things come with diaper bags and I kinda thought they were pointless until I’ve used it a few times in a hurry with my daughter and man is this thing useful! Its so quick and easy! Granted, it only holds so many wipes at a time, but to not have to open the whole bag and dig in there and find the wipes is so much more convenient!

Wipe Container, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender NeutralWipes, Wipe Container, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

Well guys, I think that about wraps up “What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag”. Be sure to check out all the links to this awesome gender neutral swag and please feel free to let me know what you think! Also, let me know if you decide to try out any of the products I mentioned.

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