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Hospital Bag

What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag?! | Gender Neutral Edition

Hello readers!

I’m Robin. Thanks so much for visiting my new website. I’m honored to have you reading my FIRST. BLOG. POST. EVER.

Pretty monumental for me. {L.O.L.}

So, I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and expecting my second little one. With my first child, I found out the gender as soon as I possibly could. You couldn’t have made me wait a second more! {L.O.L.} but this time around I decided I wanted to wait til the birth to find out the sex of baby #2. I figured, “Hey, I got my almost 2-year-old daughter to keep me busy and my mind occupied, I can do this!” and up until a week ago my whole “team green” (or whatever they call it when you aren’t finding out the gender) plan was working out perfectly! Until I unexpectedly found out my baby’s gender and not by my choice may I add! Grrrr! So upsetting….

After bawling my eyes out to my husband about how I wanted to have this magical moment of right when baby pops out he would look at me and say, “It’s a…(insert gender here)!” and kinda seriously, but not really, considering if I could sue my doctor’s office for not even giving a crap that I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW THE GENDER EVEN AFTER I SAID SEVERAL TIMES THAT I DON’T WANT TO KNOW, I was soon overflowed with immense joy to be knowing what our new baby coming into the world would be. It’s kinda hard to stay mad and sad for too long when you just found out what your little bundle is. {L.O.L} Oh pregnancy hormones….

Since all of my preparations and purchases have been made with the intention of keeping things unisex, I figured some of you who are waiting to find out the gender at birth or maybe you just want some suggestions for some super cute baby stuff, could benefit from this post! And please, feel free to share this as well if you know anyone who is looking for some recommendations on gender neutral baby products.

Now that we got all that out of the way, let’s get on to the fun stuff. The real reason your even looking at this post; to see some adorable baby stuff of course!

Let’s start with this awesome diaper bag I got at Walmart for $20! It even comes in all black if you want an even more neutral look, but I thought the grey with green trim was super cute and coordinated well with all my other accessories. Matchy-matchy!{L.O.L.} It also comes with an portable diaper changing pad and 8 pockets, including 1 insulated pocket for bottles and a wipe holder! How cool is that!? For $20, I don’t think you can beat that!

backpack diaper bag, gender neutral, unisex

Now onto the inside of the bag. This may seem like a lot, which it very may well be. Our family just moved across country back closer to home and my mom informed me that the hospitals over here don’t provide all the things that they did at the last hospital I gave birth at. The one I had my daughter at, I didn’t have to pack hardly anything! Basically a going home outfit and a few blankets. They provided diapers, wipes, ointment, the works! So a lot of this is me just over packing in case they don’t provide me with everything.

I have packed these adorable unisex receiving blankets by Gerber in the Safari print, along with 3 coordinating flannel burp cloths in the Safari print as well.

gerber flannel receiving blankets, unisex, gender neutralGerber flannel receiving blankets, Gerber flannel burp cloths, unisex, gender neutral

Next, I have 2 zip-up sleepers and 3 assorted onesies, also in the coordinating Safari print. How cute is that! Eeeekkk!

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Unisex Zip Front Sleep N Play, Gender Neutral Zip-Up SleeperGerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Assorted Short Sleeve Onesies, Gender Neutral 3-Pack717A81232

Then I have 3 terry bibs, a matching cap and mitt set in the Safari print. Look how stinkin’ cute the one with the bear ears is!

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Unisex Assorted Terry Bibs, 3-Pack, Gender NeutralGerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Assorted Caps, 3-Pack, Assorted Mittens, 4-Pack

My favorite part of the whole bag…..the “going-home-outift”. This is also by Gerber from their gender neutral line that coordinates with the Safari print. Makes my heart so happy to think I’ll be bringing my little bundle home in this. ❤

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl "Take-Me-Home" Outfit Set, 3-Piece717A80982

I most likely will not need this but I packed a towel and washcloth set just in case. With my daughter they had us give her a bath once we got back to our room. I’m not sure if my new hospital does this, but it can’t hurt to have, right? {L.O.L.}

Gerber Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Unisex Towel and Washcloth Bath Gift Set, 12-Piece, Gender Neutral

In the big, main pocket I also have a nursing cover. It’s one of those “infinity” covers that you wear like a scarf and you can use it multiple different ways. I will make a future post talking all about it, plus it was only around $10!

LK Baby Infinity Nursing Scarf, Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding, Grey

The last thing I have in the main pocket is this sweet lovey. Now of course, I logically know that my baby will not really be using this, but it was a gift from my mom and my little sister to my first child, so I’m bring it for sentimental reasons. You know how us mommy’s are. {L.O.L.}


In this very top pocket I have pacifier wipes. This is one of those purchases I think a lot of mom’s overlook, but going on my second kid, I can attest that these are actually helpful! I also have A&D ointment; perfect for preventing rashes on little baby bums. Lanolin, to keep chapped nipples away, if you are breastfeeding. Along with that, some gas drops and yes, trust me, you will need these. We used this stuff constantly with my daughter. I also threw in a baggie of baby q-tips. They are much larger than traditional q-tips making it perfect for hygiene care for a newborn. Of course, I added a nose and ear suction that comes with 2 different removable tips (This one is super easy to clean btw! Picked it up at Walgreen’s.) and some little baby nail clippers. (Also from Walgreen’s.) I have one of those full size deluxe grooming kits that come with all the bells and whistles, but from experience, all you really need is the clippers and the sucker thingy during your stay at the hospital.

In the bigger front pocket I have nursing pads, (If you are a first time mom, be sure to pack these! Your boobs will leak.) pacifiers and a pacifier clip, super helpful btw for keeping track of those pesky little binkies that you find 3 months later all dusty under your couch. {L.O.L.}


In the next little front pocket I have alcohol pads. Great for cleaning baby’s delicate umbilical cord area. My last hospital provided these, but I’m not sure if my new one does. Better safe than sorry!

Equate Alcohol Prep Pad, Sterile, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

On the right side pocket I have disposable diaper bags for $1 at Dollar Tree, which I thought was a great deal, considering there are other brands that charge around $3 for a refill of those baggies. I also threw in 4 of the single-serve Enfamil packets. I don’t plan on bottle feeding, but I know with my daughter, even though she breastfeed, the first few days while my milk was coming in, we had to supplement a bit with formula. Always good to have on hand.


On the right hand insulated pocket, I have 2 small bottles. Again, like I said, I plan to breastfeed, but its always nice to have backup. I’m totally loving this insulated pocket thing! With my first diaper bag I did not have this and it was such a pain in the butt to have to remember to freeze ice packs and then you gotta put it in the cooler thing and then you gotta remember to pack it and on and on…..So I’m really appreciating this feature.

Gerber First Essential Bottles, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

Moving to the left pocket we have some newborn diapers. Doesn’t that just make it so real? When you buy that first pack of newborn diapers and you see how tiny they are!? Gosh, I’m so excited! Oh, btw hit up Sam’s Club for a great deal on NB diapers. Got a case of 108 for around $12!

Member’s Mark Comfort Care Baby Diapers, Newborn Up to 10 lbs. (108 ct.), Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

On the the next left hand pocket, we have a wipie (I literally don’t even know how to spell wipies. L.O.L. omg I probably look like an idiot! I’m just gonna say wipe HaHa!) Okay, next we have a WIPE holder. {L.O.L.} I always seen these things come with diaper bags and I kinda thought they were pointless until I’ve used it a few times in a hurry with my daughter and man is this thing useful! Its so quick and easy! Granted, it only holds so many wipes at a time, but to not have to open the whole bag and dig in there and find the wipes is so much more convenient!

Wipe Container, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender NeutralWipes, Wipe Container, Backpack Diaper Bag, Gender Neutral

Well guys, I think that about wraps up “What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag”. Be sure to check out all the links to this awesome gender neutral swag and please feel free to let me know what you think! Also, let me know if you decide to try out any of the products I mentioned.

Again, thank you so much for checking out my first blog post! I’m so glad you stopped by! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know you were here!

**Idea for the next blog post** Would you all be interested in seeing what’s in MY hospital bag? Comment below and let me know!

Until next time,

Robin ❤


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